Taming the Wild, Wild (Service) Desk!

It’s inevitable that a good service desk attracts traffic. But what happens when the traffic picks up, the
requests come heavy and the time grows shorter for responding effectively? A new approach is
required and innovation must speak to the matter. This session will open up the kinds of challenges and suggest relevantly appropriate responses to make the IT Service desk a more tamed and manageable center of activity — without having pull your hair out to do it! We will learn:
1) What makes a good IT service desk effective and desirable?
2) How does it respond to requests with sound and clear management?
3) When does the level of activity warrant sounding the alarm?
4) What innovative range of responses may be considered?
5) How do we keep the IT service desk tamed and timely?

Vía IT Service Management https://ift.tt/3ma2333


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