Microsoft Teams bug means you may be missing messages

Microsoft Teams has an issue right now that causes some notifications to not make their way through to users. As reported by OnMSFT, the «All activity» preset for Teams as well as the «All new posts» setting for notifications are experiencing issues. Microsoft is working on a fix for the issues.

Microsoft explains the issues in the Microsoft 365 Admin center:

We are currently working to repair the ‘All activity’ preset for teams and channel notification settings, and the ‘All new posts’ notification setting for shown and pinned channels, available in global notification settings.

Because the issue prevents people from receiving notifications when they’re set to come through, it could cause someone to miss a message. If you use Teams, it’s probably worth double-checking that you haven’t missed any messages today.

If you have one of the affected settings switched on, you won’t receive notifications as normal right now. The workaround for the moment is to change your settings to receive notifications on a per-channel basis for every channel that you’re in. Depending on your workflow, that might not be worth the effort if a fix is rolled out quickly.

Microsoft has not shared a timeline for when a solution to the issues will roll out.

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Vía Windows Central – Apps

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