AirPods Pro 2 To Come in Two Sizes, Could be Controlled By Your Teeth

AirPods Pro 2 To Come in Two Sizes, Could be Controlled By Your Teeth

Posted by Sanuj Bhatia on Dec 29, 2020 in Apple News, News

airpods pro 2 leak 1airpods pro 2 leak 1

New leaks have surfaced regarding the upcoming Apple AirPods Pro 2. Leaker Mr White, on Twitter, shared some images of internal hardware that could be used in the upcoming AirPods Pro. The new AirPods are expected to be released sometime next year.

Mr White is less active, but a prominent Apple leaker with a success rate of 50%. In the photo shared below, we can see the two different sizes of the internal components, suggesting the new AirPods Pro will come in two different sizes. The leaker also revealed that the new AirPods will still have the W2 chip inside, and not the expected W3 chip.

Current generation AirPods Pro have an H1 chip, rather than the W1 chip found on the normal AirPods. W2 suggested by the leaker could be the H1 chip only, since there’s no new wireless technology on the H1 chip.

AirPods Pro 2 could feature a smaller ‘stem’

Bloomberg has also reported that Apple is facing issues in reducing the length of ‘stem’ on AirPods. The reports suggest that Apple has managed to create a ‘more compact design’, but still haven’t figured out how to eliminate the stem. Due to this, AirPods Pro 2 could feature a bigger rounded shape design, similar to those of Samsung Galaxy Buds and Pixel Buds 2.

Another leak by Patently Apple, suggests the new AirPods Pro could be controlled using ‘unusual controls’, like shaking your head and clicking your teeth. The patent suggests that the earbuds could be designed to detect input actions within a structure, with examples of these structures including the inside of your ear canal, your head, or any body part.

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